A Poem

Photo by Tobias Keller on Unsplash


Crashing beneath the waves,
Holds gentle when near.
In the midst of the night sky,
No embers shall disappear.
Even in stormy weather,
Eagerly, it will fight fear.

Perfectly mysterious,
Over and over it gets.
Rolling over everything,
Landing on which it sets.
Adamant as she is,
Nicety of genuity too,
Timely as bliss,
Equally out of the blue.

Ingeniousness brings surprises.

Like an ocean calm, it rests,
Outbursts all of a sudden.
Vividly shapes one’s sky,
Even dark colours brighten.

You made it all possible to fit like a glove,
Often will be with you, ’til kingdom comes,
Ubiquitously, read the first letters, my love.

A Poem

Photo by Alex on Unsplash


Time flies fast for
Moments such as these,
A moment of serenity,
Time filled with peace.

Memories, lots,
That are worth keeping,
Even bad the ones,
that comes with weeping.

But, all of it,
Seems so fast
Don’t blink or twitch,
Everything’s in the past.

Even for just a second,
Merely catching a breath
Once it’s on the table,
Time can’t be set

The time will come
When, with elation,
And a strangers arrives,
with such amazing sensation.

I will love her as long as
The sun burns in the sky,
Until the blue oceans
Become calm and dry.

As long as my bones
Ache and twine
I will love her
Until the end of time.

A Poem

Photo by Kote Puerto on Unsplash

She is beautiful,
like one of the girls
on those magazines,
She is beautiful also,
for the way she thought.
She is beautiful,
for the sparkle in her eye,
when she talked about
something she loves.
She is beautiful,
for her imposing ability
to make other people smile,
even if she was dejected;
and no, she wasn’t beautiful
for something as temporary
to only just her looks,
although she’s very very pretty.
But she is beautiful,
for being who she is,
for having such a lovely heart,
the irreplaceable wisdom,
everything, even her flaws,
making her so perfect and unique.
She’s imperfectly perfect
and I love her, every bit of her,
her heart, her mind,
deep down to her soul.

A Poem For Chinee

Photo by Ken Cheung on Unsplash

Her soul is so strong
It attracted mine
It sings a song
Where it stops time

Her heart is a supernova
That shines so brightly
It shadows every scar
With its a brilliant light.

She glows with vibrance
And colors on cold nights.
When morning comes with the tide
She now has reached the other side

Be up there and show your true beauty
God gave you to fulfill thy duty
Her sparks have reached far away
Showing light at the end of the day.

As time and time past by
She became my favorite everything,
She has been true to herself,
For who she truly is.

A Poem

Photo by Fabrizio Conti on Unsplash

Sleep and close your eyes,
And dream of broken butterflies.
Their wings flapped against a thorn,
You’ll know the pain that they have borne.

Silver metal shine so bright,
Scarlet red that feels so right.
Dream of blood weighing you down,
Just wake up before you drown.

Much time now i spend,
Sitting here waiting for the end.
This is not what i planned,
For some it’s hard to understand.

I feel drowned,
It had took the crown.
Autumn then falls,
It’s the final curtain call.

A Poem

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

Time tried to stop
on one cold night in June,
a gentle hello comes,
from my friend, the moon.

It accompanies me, as the rain,
is for sure to come soon.
Unwelcoming arms to be tamed,
whole heartedly, my friend remains.

The night is young,
but the rain begins to drizzle,
stormy wind plows the silence
and begins to whistle.

Dancing with grace,
never felt more secure,
as each drop is a caress,
and there to reassure.

As dawn nears,
its begins to stop,
the moon waves goodbye,
as all the rain have finally drop.

There the moons sets,
as the sun begins show,
flowers bloom and flourish,
as it washes of the sorrow.

A Poem

Photo by Timothy Rhyne on Unsplash

Far long, upon time
In the distance,
We always ought,
To seek fine

Who knew that
Fairy tails were real,
In every way she
Dances, sings and smiles

She creates confetti moments,
One only sees in shows,
But here she is, flusters, yet
Significantly bestows

For when rain
Floods her thoughts and mind,
Fate then will show her
What she has yet to find

For all we know
Peace is always with her,
With every muddle
She’s there to get it together

I know now
Where serenity resides,
For she as I,
Always with her, I abide.

A Poem

Photo by Artak Petrosyan on Unsplash

Trails travel
Across the room,
while cars zip
and planes zoom

One on top
and another,
beneath the pile
and of others

precious moments
we’ve seen,
would be back
or just in dreams

more than
just a simple toy,
filled with memories,
also with joy

brought me
a thousand smiles,
shall see you again
and make me rile.

Austin Mortel

Hi I’m a hooman who writes

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